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Karen Stysley

Leighann Ruark
Karen Stysley is the Director as well as the teacher for the preschool and prekindergarten programs at the Catonsville Cooperative Preschool. She is a huge fan of the co-op method and can personally attest to how enriching it can be for kids and for their parents too. All three of Karen's daughters graduated from the co-op and loved their time there! She believes that the co-op harnesses the power of community, bringing together the skills and passions of a diverse group of families. Co-op kids benefit from the collective enthusiasm and expertise of all the moms, dads, and caregivers involved - and at the same time, they get so many rich opportunities to engage in the most important work of childhood, play! We believe our kids can spark inspiration in each other with their incredible imaginations - cultivating the hearts and minds they will need to tackle the world today.
Karen has worked with community kids for over a decade in Girl Scouts and loves to apply the latest in Child Development theories in the classroom. She also worked as a reporter and freelance writer for many years and brings her love of stories and language to the kids every day. Through play, story, and collaboration, she believes our children can build a world full of empathy and innovation.

Doreen Morsberger

Doreen Morsberger

Doreen Morsberger is the teacher for the 2-year-old program at the Catonsville Cooperative Preschool. She has lived in Catonsville most of her life and has been teaching at the Co-op since 2003. Doreen attended CCBC and previously worked with the Baltimore City Recreation and Parks Tiny Tots Program.

Doreen is the mother of five children and her two youngest attended Catonsville Cooperative Preschool. As a former Co-op parent, Doreen realized the school is a wonderful place for parents and families to participate and enjoy their child's first school experience. She is excited to be able to create an environment for your child to learn through play to use their creativity and imagination to strengthen their physical, cognitive and emotional development.

Although the Co-op may be more responsibility for each family than other preschools, along with your help we are dedicated to making this experience for you and your family something you will remember and treasure for a long time.

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