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When the region shut down in March 2020, the Catonsville Cooperative Preschool kept connecting with students and their families thanks to Ms. Karen's Virtual Circle Times.

Hairston, Kim. (2020, April 03). Catonsville preschool teacher maintains virtual contact with students. The Baltimore Sun.

What Makes Our Co-op Unique

Cooperative preschools are special because they allow parents to be actively involved in their child's first school experience. Parents are able to participate in their child's classroom monthly, become friends with the other parents who are interacting with their children, know exactly what their child is learning in the classroom, and have a say in everything that happens in the classroom and school. What makes our co-op unique is we have been teaching children through play for over 70 years. Which means we have generations of families returning to the Catonsville Cooperative Preschool to ensure that their children are able to have the same fantastic childhood Co-op experience.

Some of our favorite experiences include:

  • Our Creative Play area is full of manipulatives, costumes, physical challenges, and games that change every month according to the theme

  • Children can use real tools to make their own creations at our Workbench center

  • Each day children can make an art project based on the theme that day

  • The children help us plant our School Garden; then they observe the growth, pick the lettuce, and enjoy eating a salad they helped to grow

  • Parents become part of the larger Co-op Community through participation at school, our potluck, and social events

  • Throughout the year, classes attend field trips to the zoo, farm, Maryland Science Center, and more! Our PreKindergarten class even attends a live arts performance

  • We bring the world into our school with visitors like a yoga instructor and the dentist

  • In our PreKindergarten program, the class celebrates Kindness Fridays by reading books about kindness and learning about other cultures throughout the world

  • You! You get to take an active role in your child’s preschool education. Parents are encouraged to come in and lead a small lesson in their area of expertise – we’ve had a physical trainer, musicians, and even a pirate visit our class!

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