4s/Prekindergarten Program

Now that the four-year-olds in our Prekindergarten program can be responsible for themselves, the focus expands to include responsibility to others. As they play, pretend, create, build, sing, learn, and discover together, children deepen their understanding of the world and their role in it. Children get the opportunity to care for the classroom and for living things, like real eggs and chicks. Special projects, field trips, and open play not only let children enjoy the Prekindergarten experience -- but they also cover every meaningful element of academic learning, including literacy, science, and mathematical concepts. Ideas about fairness, equity, kindness are introduced naturally. The adult:child ratio is 1:4, and enrollment is capped at 18 children.  

Days Monday, Wednesday and Friday. School goes from mid-September to mid-May 
Times 9:15-12:30 am
Registration Fee $55   (same for new and returning families)
Tuition (2023-2024) $180 per month

Time commitment for families

4’s parents are required to:

  • Work in the classroom as a parent volunteer (about 3 times a month)
  • Serve in a designated job or as an officer on the board (several hours a month)
  • Attend one housekeeping of the school (one Saturday morning during the school year)
  • Attend General Membership Meetings (6 – 7 evenings a school year)
  • Prepare the classroom a Saturday morning before school opens  (Opening the Closet)
  • New families must attend orientation (one evening right before the school year begins) 

Sample Schedule

9:15 Children Arrive
9:30  Welcome/Circle time
9:55 Outside Play
10:35 Transition inside, bathroom and hand washing
10:45 Snack
11:05 Library, Math, Language Arts, and Writing Centers
11:40 Science Center, Creative Play, and Art Project
12:15 Clean Up
12:25 Review of the Day, Good-bye song
12:30 Dismissal

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time